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British Human Barbie demands Anderson Cooper apologise- IT WAS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TV SHE CLAIMS

British Human Barbie demands Anderson Cooper apologise- IT WAS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TV SHE CLAIMS
British Human Barbie demands Anderson Cooper apologise -
"He verbally and emotionally abused me and my daughter - it was domestic violence TV," she claims"

PRBuzz) 8, 2012 -- Celebrity author, mum of three and the woman dubbed the Human Barbie because of her plastic surgery addiction caused after she was the victim of domestic violence has hit back at American TV host Anderson Cooper demanding he formally apologise for calling her 'dreadful' and allowed their interview, in front of her 8 year old to escalate into what she claims was a viscious slanging match and assault.

Controversial plastic surgery addict, Sarah Burge, who has had over half a million pounds worth of plastic surgery after being beaten up, says she went on the show for a reasoned discussion but ended up feeling like a 'battered wife' all over again.According to Sarah, and as reported in the press, Mr Cooper said: "I normally have a lot of respect for my guests but I just think your're dreadful" and labelled her as "publicity seeking".

"I went on the Anderson Cooper show after being offered a chance to talk about plastic surgery, my controversial views, my book and domestic violence instead he attacked me in what I can only assume was a bid for international glory. I can take a beating but he did it in front of my 8 year old daughter Poppy and he should be ashamed. He has a duty of care to minors," says Sarah, 51 who is offering free domestic violence counselling to UK and USA victims.
Burge, who appeared on the show which aired on 22nd May, walked off after one segment after she says Mr cooper attacked her verbally and emotionally in front of her daughter. Since then the Cooper interview with Sarah has been globally reported. Ms Burge says she now beleivesMr Coooper has gained more publicity for himself and his show from her interview alone than any others he has aired. "I have sat back and let the Copper PR machine spin this now I have to stand up for myself and say No - this is what really happened and please apologise to my daughter. It is your show and you allowed it to get our of control after begging us to appear."

"He treated me and my daughter appallingly and he was the one seeking a ratings boost. He at the least owes my daughter who was miked up and ready to come on an apology. She is a little girl. She was traumatised to see her mummy so upset," says Sarah.

"It was like I was being beaten up all over again I feared for myself and my child. I was so badly beaten by one partner I was barely recognisable. I required extensive lastic surgery. Now Mr Coopers attack has caused flash backs and my daughter has been in tears. He has to apologise if not to me but to Poppy," she continues

"I am in the public eye. I know people love or hate me. I can play the game. However Mr Cooper I feel staged this to ensure his profile went through the roof. He couldn't get success on his own so he used me. The episode viralled and he's milking it. What people don't know is show paid for me to fly to New York to be on the show, paid for my husband, Poppy and myself for flights, 1st class accomodation, all expenses trip, allowance and fee plus more flights from New York to our original destination to Atlanta. I wonder what his critics make of that? " says Sarah.

Mr Cooper knew all about me, we planned two segments as an 'experienced host' he lost it and with a paid guest he should be ashamed," says Sarah.
"What is worse is Poppy was miked up ready to come on and witnessed it all. She's terrified of him now. I have had death threats and massive letters and emails of support. Many feel Mr Cooper over stepped the mark. A host of his experience could have had a great debate with me instead he went for the cheap shot for his own personal gain," claims Sarah.

"I am formally requesting he step up and apologise. It's easy to take on a woman who has a 8 year old on set and who he knows is a victim of domestic violence. I feel like his battered wife. I know my views are controversial but what we should have had was a reasoned logical debate not a bear baiting session. Ihave been suicidal since the show aired and thank god I have been supported by some wonderful people in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada."

"Bottom line Mr Cooper paid me to be there. We professionally negotiated what would be discussed and I was promised fairness especially with my daughter present. Mr Cooper presents it like there was no money exchanged, and I was simply an air head. I am not I raise money fro domestic violence, I counsel domestic violence victims. Poppy successfully competes in pageants and yes I am campaigning for more plastic surgery awareness as kids want it younger and we need to be ready. I gave my daughters plastic surgery vouchers, pieces of paper to have boob jobs or to cash in when they are 18. You invest in a college trust fund this is a plastic surgery trust fund. I am not telling them to have surgery now but if they ask get them vouchers," she continues

"I am sure people think this is me being a sore loser. Its not. I felt under siege and like he was going to physically hit me and I had flash backs. Anderson Cooper verbally assaulted me and keeps doing so. He needs to step back and I am sure domestic violence charities around the world will back me. Is behaviour is not a good example for an 8 year old to witness or is he going to say he wasn't aware of this and blame it on a producer?."Mr Cooper needs to apologise. I would happily return for a reasononed debate as long as he can keep his temper under control. Clearly he cannot do that so I am now warning other guests. What I saw in Mr Cooper I saw in the man that attacked and beat me up.Ms Burge and her daughter are now in talks for a USA reality show, Poppy has won a pageant in the USA represneting the UK and Sarah is offering FREE domesic violence counselling to victims in the UK and US via contact Sarah at: or call Tony Burge on+447739723818 or Views expressed are those of Ms Burge
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